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Supply Contour Fine Tooling

We present to your attention a company from the Netherlands Contour Fine

Tooling, which specializes in the production of tools (cutters,

replaceable platinum) using diamonds. These cutters are often

used for processing materials (glass, metal, etc.) in order

to achieve an excellent surface and purity of execution. The radius

of the tool can be from 100.00 mm to 1.00 microns.


This is a kind of unique production and these tools are

quite expensive.


But, we want to offer you not only the supply of such tools,

which, by the way, can be made according to your drawings, but also

peretochku. It is not possible to transfer these tools in Russia

, because there is no equipment for transfer and there is no equipment

on which it would be possible to check the quality of the work performed.

Separately, I will say that the transfer can be performed several times and the tool

will be as new, which will significantly reduce your costs for buying new

tools. The transfer is always faster than the production

of new ones (if the manufacturer is not in stock)