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How Oxyland works


All goods that are shipped from our warehouse can be insured


We deliver orders within 5 days


You will be able to track the movement of your parcel from the moment of order


You buy for yourself – for FREE
  1. Contact Oxyland and get your warehouse address

  2. Buy goods and send orders to your new address

  3. We will provide all the information about your order, the contents of the parcel

  4. You will only have to choose the delivery method. The package is already on its way to you.

  5. Repeat purchases as many times as you need. After all, we love receiving parcels as much as you do

We buy for you
  1. It’s very simple! Tell us what you want to buy, sit back and wait for the notification that your parcel has arrived at the Oxyland warehouse.

  2. We’ll check the availability and redeem the necessary goods

  3. As soon as we receive the goods in stock, we will be able to ship it immediately.


All goods are carefully packed and shipped only with trusted carriers


OXYLAND has been supplying goods from Europe for several years. We know all the subtleties of this work.


Your parcels will be delivered from Europe as soon as possible


We’ll deliver any goods from Europe: spare parts, components, machinery, equipment and so on.